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HG Hair Solutions is committed to strengthening your hair follicles and scalp. Well-equipped with premium hair & scalp products that have been sourced globally to ensure only the finest treatments are offered. Find the solution to your hair problems with us!

Scalp Treatments

Detox Treatment

In-depth purification of the scalp, eliminating buildups, impurities and excess sebum while also nourishing it.

Clean & Balance (Oily Scalp)

Rid oil build-up, toxins and impurities embedded deep within hair follicles and regulate and strengthen scalp moisture balance.

Soothe & Relive (Sensitive Scalp)

Gentle and restorative fix for sensitive scalp. Combat inflammation and stabilise hair follicles and maintain optimal scalp balance.

Clear & Itch Relief (Anti Dandruff)

Free the scalp of itchiness, inflammation and dandruff. Control and combat excess sebum and irritation while providing ideal moisture level.

Restore & Nourish (Ageing Scalp)

Strengthen scalp barrier functions to minimise hair loss, enhance scalp circulation and restore the scalp back to its natural state.

Hair Treatments

Reverse & Defy (Greying Hair)

Reactive dormant hair cells using super-active botanic stem cells to enable hair regeneration and boosting natural pigment production.

Dry & Brittle Hair

Intense hydration for damaged hair. Replenish and deeply moisturise lifeless locks with vital nourishment and reduce hair breakage.

Hair Loss Treatment

Combat hair loss at a cellular level. Improve circulation and renourish the scalp with anti-inflammatories, growth factors and protein.

Hair Services

Organic Hair Colouring

From $201.16 onwards

Hair Protein/Keratin Treatment

From $88 onwards

Hair Cut

From $38 onwards


From $280 onwards

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